Frequently Asked Questions

Nutritional Balancing

Why choose Hair Diagnostics?

At Hair Diagnostics, we understand that there is no quick fix for your health. Everybody has their own story and as a result, our needs are diverse and ever-changing. That’s why we design our Nutritional Balancing programmes to support you through every stage of your health improvement, no matter how long or challenging the road. Our experience is our strength and we’re happy to talk, whatever the subject. What’s more, we want you to feel better as much as you do. But don’t take it from us, have a look at our client testimonials and decide for yourself if we’re the team for you.

What is Nutritional Balancing?

Nutritional Balancing is an umbrella term for several strategies, all superbly targeted at the stress response and it’s repercussions on health. Combined with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, it is a means to monitor, understand and advance the health of your body. To find out more, click here.

Can anyone go on the programme?

We are happy to analyse any hair sample and will support almost anyone on a Nutritional Balancing programme. Rarely, we must make an exception for specific cases of active cancer; for more information on programme adaptations and alternative treatment for cancer, please follow this link. Nutritional Balancing is particularly powerful for pregnant women and children.

Hair Analysis and Sampling

How do I order a hair analysis?

You can order a hair analysis by following this link. If you have any difficulties with this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When will I get my results?

Generally, results are ready within three weeks of sending a hair sample. We regret that, having no control over the postal service, we cannot guarantee a specific timescale. In the event of an unexpected delay, you will be informed and regular updates will be provided.

How often do I need a hair analysis?

For optimum results on a Nutritional Balancing programme, retests are recommended every three to four months. This ensures that your programme supports your changing biochemistry.

Can other body hair be used?

Head hair has proven the most accurate for analysis. Alternatively, and in preferential order, hair from beards, underarms and chests can be used. Please note that pubic hair is inaccurate and should not be used for analysis.

Why not use a blood or urine test instead?

Following extensive research into blood and urine testing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis has proved the most accurate and cost effective method of determining cellular function. For more information on blood testing specifically, please click here.


I am a vegetarian. Can I still go on the programme?

Yes, you can certainly go on the programme and will still benefit greatly from it. However, in our experience, vegetarians face a greater challenge and additional protocols are needed. We’d be happy to discuss these with you, why not book a free consultation?


Are supplements safe for everyone?

The supplements that we recommend are purely nutritional, rather like food of the highest quality that has been selected and combined with the greatest care. Where recommendations are followed correctly, safety is ensured as supplementation is customised to each individual.

How much do supplements cost?

As our client, you will receive a 20% discount on supplements from Endomet laboratories. The approximate cost would be $125 – $175 per month, depending on your personal recommendation. Please note that the cost of supplements is separate to your analysis and is paid directly to the lab.

I don’t want to take supplements, can I still do the programme?

Whilst we will happily work with those people who choose not to take supplements, progress is much slower without this crucial component. For more information on the importance of supplements, please click here.

Should supplements be taken with food?

We recommend that supplements are taken before, during or immediately after a meal.

Should I continue my prescribed medication?

Supplements are not a replacement for your prescribed medication. However, by following a complete Nutritional Balancing programme, we would expect your need for medication to be reduced and eventually eliminated completely, with the agreement of your doctor.

Where can I order my supplements?

In the interest of quality and safety, we recommend Endomet Laboratories. They offer a specifically formulated line of mineral and vitamin supplements, designed to match your biochemical individuality. For full instructions on how to order, click here.

Where supplements are recommended outside of Endomet’s product line, we will offer these on our online shop. We endeavour to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Detox Protocols

Are the detox protocols suitable for everyone?

The aim of all protocols is to detoxify the body safely and gently. For this reason they are suitable for almost everyone, but should be introduced gradually. Common sense should always be applied and safety instructions are provided to those on the programme. If you are in any doubt, seek the guidance of a medical professional.

How often can I use a near infrared sauna?

Saunas are most effective when used on a regular basis, once or twice daily. For optimum results, we recommend sessions first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed.

The effects of sauna therapy can be intense, so start with sessions no longer than twenty minutes. Over time, you can increase these up to an hour, never exceeding a maximum of one hour per session and two hours total in one day.

If you are weak, ill or particularly heat sensitive, it is advised to have supervision by an attendant or friend during sauna therapy.

How often should I do a coffee enema?

How often you do a coffee enema will depend on your own personal experience. Most of our clients do daily coffee enemas, which is completely safe, as long as hydration is maintained. Those following a Nutritional Balancing programme will be advised individually on this procedure.

I’m not comfortable doing enemas, can I start the programme without them?

Coffee enemas are extremely useful in speeding up the healing process and the majority of our clients find them the most rewarding part of the programme. This being said, a number of clients start the programme without this detox protocol and you are free to do the same.

Will having daily coffee enemas weaken my digestive system?

In our experience, daily coffee enemas, even several per day, do not have a negative impact on the colon. On the contrary, intestinal flora and other aspects of the digestive system are often improved.


What is a healing reaction?

Healing reactions are symptoms that occur as toxic substances are eliminated and chronic infections healed in the body. Symptoms can vary from rashes, mild odours and digestive changes to fatigue, aches, pains and headaches. They can be uncomfortable but come as a welcome sign of healing and rarely last longer than a few days.


Can I cancel or return my order?

For information regarding cancellations and returns, please see Delivery & Returns.

Do you offer international delivery?

We consider delivery outside the UK on a case by case basis. If you have an international delivery request, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I’m having trouble making a payment, can you help?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having difficulties. Please send an email to [email protected], providing details of the issue but NOT your payment details. We will do our very best to help.