Our Story

Martyn - MarinesMartyn likes Christmas and Indiana Jones. He’s a former Captain of the Royal Marines and signed up to master survival on this planet. After damaging his kidneys and spine, he realised he must learn those lessons elsewhere; studying oriental medicine in China, becoming expert in acupuncture, manual body therapies, herbal medicine and nutrition.

In the face of life-threatening systemic candida, he was led, with ultimate relief, to the impeccable research of Dr. Paul Eck and the foundation of Nutritional Balancing Science.
Heather - WeightliftingHeather likes French butter and winter boots. She has a keen sense of touch, hence a professional vocation in bodywork. Addiction has been a steady theme throughout most of her life – Barbie dolls, sugar, Enid Blyton books, sugar, exercising… and sugar. Losing her father young, changed her and studying nutrition changed her more, helping her understand why he died. Raising her children, she explored nutrition, striving to give them healthy lives. Aged 51, her fourth child was born and, as she likes children a lot, that was pretty great.
Fancy-DressRebecca loves clean bed sheets, sunshine and fancy dress. She’s handy with the violin and she speaks fluent French – we don’t, so that’s a bit helpful. Brought up as a strict vegan, she had a mammoth task to rebuild her health. She’s only little but she did it, eliminating a toxic copper level 2640% above the healthy average. A Nutritional Balancing consultant since 2011, she’s country hopping less these days and she’s finally stopped losing her phone.

The Journey

Martyn took on mercury growing in his mother’s womb. His first hair test revealed extremely high levels in the body tissue, as well as severe carbohydrate intolerance with diabetic tendencies. No more Ben and Jerry’s then. Growing up in a sports mad family with three older brothers, competition was high. He always excelled in physical activities, despite a childhood spent battling throat infections. By 35 years of age he realised his gut flora and function had been destroyed. It took him five years to heal on this programme. Healthy bowel function has a huge influence on mental clarity, he can see that clearly now.

Heather had an extremely low ratio of sodium to potassium. Most commonly associated with heart attacks, infections and infertility, it was certainly a concern. This ratio equates to the ‘battery’ source for the body and with a low battery, she had depended on energy substitutes that had forced her adrenals into action – sugar anyone? As a raw foodist for sixteen years, she shared her intestines with a large immigrant family of parasites. With the strengthening of her battery, her detoxification pathways rebuilt. The immigrants vacated. Now all her nourishment is hers and hers alone – no more feeding of the five thousand.

Rebecca had a curved spine. Over the last five years, we have seen that scoliosis diminish significantly. Excess copper tightens, restricts and contorts connective tissue. By introducing a diet rich in minerals and flooding her body with specific supplements, her malnourished cells began indulging in the zinc they had craved for so long. Zinc made itself at home, forcing toxic copper to move out (cue the highest copper elimination we’ve ever seen). Eliminating copper from bone hurts and there were tears to say the least. She can hold herself straight and admit that.

The Results

Our latest addition is Maya. At the time of writing, she has just turned two. This little powerhouse child was born with a mass of dark hair after a sweet pregnancy and an easy, two hour, home birth. In her first few months, we introduced bone broth to help stock up mineral reserves. Hand on heart, she has not had an ill day. She has never had a fever, nor cried without obvious reason. She walked at nine months and began celebrating her love of gymnastics long before her second birthday – to say she is strong is an understatement. With a perfect set of teeth, her diet does not stray from ideal. As yet, her taste buds are unspoiled and as such, she enjoys her nutritionally balanced diet without exception – vegetables three times a day with a little quality protein and fat. She is a wonderful example of the optimum growth that this programme supports and seeing her thrive each day has cemented our confidence in Nutritional Balancing.

The results were so superb, we wanted to fully embrace this programme, and so we upped our game plan and moved to Portugal. We realised that our limited Portuguese was no barrier to the clean air we could breathe, the abundance of organic vegetables we could grow and the supply of pure water flowing directly through our land. Even the army of Portuguese hens and ducks that we free range respond to ‘chook chook’ very nicely, thank you- although we do throw in the occasional ‘bom dia’.

Valley Panoramic

We live in the national park and to say it is beautiful will not suffice. But we’ll say it anyway, it’s beautiful. The panoramic views are extraordinary. We have rebuilt two ruins here and both are homes designed for living, one is a Nutritional Balancing retreat. So please do come and share in our paradise, we’d be happy to tell you more of our story.