How It Works

Our health programmes are designed using Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. With scientific insight into individual biochemistry, every health programme is built to support personal needs and deliver consistent, lasting results.

With a holistic approach, encompassing dietary plans, supplementation, detox protocols and lifestyle improvements, we empower the body to rebalance on a cellular level. As a result, many physical and mental health conditions are naturally resolved.



The first step is finding the plan that’s right for you. There’s a range of options to choose from – you can explore them by clicking here.


Our health programmes are built on individual biochemistry. To gain insight into your health on a cellular level, a hair sample is sent to our trusted laboratory in the US.


On receipt of your hair analysis, we get to work interpreting your mineral blueprint, consulting with leading analysts and setting up your personal health programme.


Receive your results and recommendations, including your bespoke Nutritional Balancing programme. Every plan includes an introductory call to ensure you’re confident in getting started.


Take advantage of our unlimited support throughout your journey to better health. Many notice health improvements in just a few days – it’s all about to sticking to the programme as best you can.


Through regular hair analysis – every three to four months – we maintain an optimal health programme for your changing biochemistry. In our experience, this is the safest and most effective approach to health that exists today.

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