Reclaiming Health and Peace of Mind
in the 21st Century

Hair Mineral Analysis reveals biochemical imbalances to explain the root causes of all medical conditions.

Nutritional Balancing restores vitality with holistic health programmes, built for the individual.

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Your minerals affect the way you think, act, feel and heal. Uncover and address your imbalances with a hair mineral analysis.

Health Retreat

Everything Nutritional Balancing on your doorstep. Escape to the peace of our Portuguese valley, relax and recuperate.

Customised Supplements

Nutritional Balancing remains ahead of the field with an intelligent, personalised and scientific approach to supplementation.

Nutritional Balancing

Are you looking for an overnight health fix? A magical tablet that will solve everything, from world poverty to the success of your local football team? Well, you won’t find it here. What you will find is a sophisticated, practical and refined system of healing. A system that addresses health right down to the cellular level – that means better health for the long run.
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“Over time, increased energy will enhance, not just your health, but your emotions, personality and your ability to achieve success and happiness.”

Dr. Paul Eck

Dr. Paul Eck was a passionate mineral researcher who devoted his life to health and healing. Every one of his adult years was spent developing the theory and practical application of this remarkable science, Nutritional Balancing. Read his story…


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Scientific insight into physical and mental conditions
and a means by which to correct them.

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