Frequently Asked Questions

Detox Protocols

Are the detox protocols suitable for everyone?

The aim of all protocols is to detoxify the body safely and gently. For this reason they are suitable for almost everyone, but should be introduced gradually. Common sense should always be applied and safety instructions are provided to those on the programme. If you are in any doubt, seek the guidance of a medical professional.

How often can I use a near infrared sauna?

Saunas are most effective when used on a regular basis, once or twice daily. For optimum results, we recommend sessions first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed.

The effects of sauna therapy can be intense, so start with sessions no longer than twenty minutes. Over time, you can increase these up to an hour, never exceeding a maximum of one hour per session and two hours total in one day.

If you are weak, ill or particularly heat sensitive, it is advised to have supervision by an attendant or friend during sauna therapy.

How often should I do a coffee enema?

How often you do a coffee enema will depend on your own personal experience. Most of our clients do daily coffee enemas, which is completely safe, as long as hydration is maintained. Those following a Nutritional Balancing programme will be advised individually on this procedure.

I’m not comfortable doing enemas, can I start the programme without them?

Coffee enemas are extremely useful in speeding up the healing process and the majority of our clients find them the most rewarding part of the programme. This being said, a number of clients start the programme without this detox protocol and you are free to do the same.

Will having daily coffee enemas weaken my digestive system?

In our experience, daily coffee enemas, even several per day, do not have a negative impact on the colon. On the contrary, intestinal flora and other aspects of the digestive system are often improved.