Frequently Asked Questions


Are supplements safe for everyone?

The supplements that we recommend are purely nutritional, rather like food of the highest quality that has been selected and combined with the greatest care. Where recommendations are followed correctly, safety is ensured as supplementation is customised to each individual.

How much do supplements cost?

As our client, you will receive a 20% discount on supplements from Endomet laboratories. The approximate cost would be $125 – $175 per month, depending on your personal recommendation. Please note that the cost of supplements is separate to your analysis and is paid directly to the lab.

I don’t want to take supplements, can I still do the programme?

Whilst we will happily work with those people who choose not to take supplements, progress is much slower without this crucial component. For more information on the importance of supplements, please click here.

Should supplements be taken with food?

We recommend that supplements are taken before, during or immediately after a meal.

Should I continue my prescribed medication?

Supplements are not a replacement for your prescribed medication. However, by following a complete Nutritional Balancing programme, we would expect your need for medication to be reduced and eventually eliminated completely, with the agreement of your doctor.

Where can I order my supplements?

In the interest of quality and safety, we recommend Endomet Laboratories. They offer a specifically formulated line of mineral and vitamin supplements, designed to match your biochemical individuality. For full instructions on how to order, click here.

Where supplements are recommended outside of Endomet’s product line, we will offer these on our online shop. We endeavour to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices.