Detox Protocols

When we talk about detoxification, we don’t mean a weekend at the spa or an adrenal-kicking juice fast. In fact, there is no such thing as “a detox”. Rather, detoxification is an ongoing process in the human body – it’s happening in yours right now – and it’s absolutely necessary for survival.

So why not leave your body to it? Well, once upon a time before the industrial revolution, we could do just that. Nowadays, the food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe are inescapable sources of toxicity. On top of this, many of us opt for stressful lifestyles, regular vaccination and heavy use of medical drugs, further contributing to our toxic loads and the congenital imbalances of each new generation. Even evolution can’t keep up with these demands.

Nutritional Balancing proposes detox protocols to help support the human body in today’s environment. Using carefully selected procedures, we can proactively cleanse ourselves of these toxic substances and empower the body to heal itself and regenerate. A successful approach must recognise the body’s unparalleled intelligence by supporting our natural detoxification pathways and allowing our bodies to lead the way.

Think of detoxification like a mechanic fixing a car. Too often we find mechanics struggling to fix their cars with inadequate facilities and the wrong parts. Detox protocols are akin to turning the lights on and finding the tools that were there all along. Seeing as no car can be fixed without the right parts, a nutritious diet and careful supplementation must not be overlooked. It’s important to choose a trusted supplier too, unless you’re happy to use any old part to rebuild your vehicle.

Regular practice of these procedures can make a remarkable difference to health. You could compare it to having a second mechanic join the team, we see an increase in progress immediately.

The trouble is, we humans have a habit of getting overexcited and rushing into things. Overworking a body whilst it’s trying to detoxify and regenerate is like driving your car before it’s ready to leave the garage. Find out how lifestyle can make or break a healing programme…