How often do you actually sit still? No, not sitting through a lecture or meeting, or being jostled about on public transport. The type of sitting still that doesn’t involve distractions: just you, your thoughts and the world around you. For many people, the answer is ‘never’. The 21st century has convinced us that we all have ‘too much to do’.

It is common practice nowadays to order health as a side dish. Despite a desire to be healthy, we find more important things to focus on, or so we fool ourselves. We must recognise that health is the ongoing result of our every thought and action, every food we eat and relationship we have, every job we work and environment we experience. And thus, to improve whole body health, it is necessary to improve lifestyle as a whole.

“I’m just not disciplined enough!” we hear you say. Well this can only be the case if you really don’t know what you’re missing. You may be surprised to learn that the best you will ever feel is not when giving into vices or self-indulging, it’s the feeling that comes from really taking care of yourself. It feels good to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, to eat regular, delicious meals and to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Feeling truly content with yourself will transform your relationships and you will thrive, knowing that every day will be better.

Building an inner strength that doesn’t depend on distractions, addictions and bad habits is an empowering feeling like no other. As your health improves, so will your confidence, and you will gradually let go of expectations from friends, family, society and even yourself. Finally you can drop the ‘identities’ you created as an anxious, uncontrollable or depressive person. With your newfound energy, you will likely discover brilliant things about yourself that you were simply ‘too busy’ to notice before.

So go ahead, be daring and want to get better! With the right tools and knowledge, a lack of energy needn’t hold you back any longer. After all, good health means a good life – could we even ask for more?

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