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Are you looking for an overnight health fix? A magical tablet that will solve everything, from world poverty to the success of your local football team? Well, you won’t find it here. What you will find is a sophisticated, practical and refined system of healing. A system that addresses health right down to the cellular level – that means better health for the long run.


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Nutritional Balancing uses principles from all contemporary and traditional healing arts. It employs modern theories such as the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, cybernetics, holography, fractal mathematics, chaos theory, biological transmutation of the elements, and other physics and engineering concepts. These are combined with the latest Western medical physiology and biochemistry, making it the most advanced and reliable method of increasing vitality. In other words, you’ll have more energy, more fun and, steering clear of natural disasters, you’ll live longer too.


Of course, this isn’t the only health approach built on solid foundations, so what is it that distinguishes Nutritional Balancing from the rest? Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. That’s the key. This magnificent tool allows each programme to be designed for the individual, according to your very own biochemistry. Diet plans, nutritional supplements, detoxification protocols and lifestyle advice, all based scientifically on exactly what your body needs. But what happens when the needs of your body change? Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. (Did we mention that it’s magnificent?) As your body develops, regular retesting will monitor these changes, and this allows your programme to develop as you do. Over time, increased energy will enhance, not just your health, but your emotions, personality and your ability to achieve success and happiness. It’s a tall order and to our knowledge, no other health approach hits the mark.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding (or more appropriately, the parsnips). Our clients have had some fascinating experiences – see their testimonials – and we reckon Our Story is worth a read, but we don’t think anyone could illustrate this better than Mr. Nutritional Balancing himself, better known as Dr. Paul Eck. His explanation of this health approach, how he came to understand it and his own personal experience is both intriguing and inspiring. It’s really a pleasure to read, so go on, see what you think.


The Founder of Nutritional Balancing — Dr. Paul Eck

Dr. Paul Eck was a passionate mineral researcher who devoted his life to health and healing. Every one of his adult years was spent developing the theory and practical application of this remarkable science. The following interview is taken from Issue #27-29 of the Healthview newsletter, which was devoted entirely to the genius of Dr. Eck. Should you be interested in reading further articles from this publication, please contact us, we would be delighted to give credit to this brilliant man.


How Mineral Balancing Changed My Life — A Brief Story by Dr. Paul Eck

Dr. Paul Eck

When I was young, I could stay up for long hours, do exercises, run around the block, have fun with everybody, and everyone used to say, “You’re the most energetic person I know.”

Yet, in my life I was fearful and that alone indicates that I was really exhausted. I very seldom accomplished anything meaningful. I would enthusiastically start out doing things but never seemed to finish anything.

“I was always tired,
but pretended I
had a lot of energy.”

I should have asked myself, “If I had true energy, would I always start projects and never finish them?” My energy level seemed very high, but it was actually compensation for lack of energy. It was the appearance of energy.

Let me give you an example of compensating for lack of energy. When you wake somebody up in the morning with a telephone call, they’ll be dead tired and will pick up the phone and say, “Good morning, how are you?” and no matter how much they try to put “oomph” in their voice or expression, you will say to them, “Oh, I’m sorry I woke you up.”

That’s the story of my life. I frequently found myself faking energy. When somebody would call me up in the morning I would jump up and down ten times to pick up a little energy and then I would exaggerate my voice trying to fool people into thinking I was awake and I would say, “Oh, I’ve been up for hours.”

Needless to say, I rarely fooled anyone. They would say, “It sounds like you just woke up.” They knew what I was doing was only a pretence.

“When my mineral balance improved I became an extrovert — not a pretence extrovert — but a real extrovert.”

When a person is tired, he is always pretending he is something he is not. He pretends he is awake when he is not, he pretends he’s not afraid when he is afraid, he pretends he is not anxious when he is anxious.

But you can’t really fool energetic people. They will be able to sense that there’s something wrong.

Energy gives you confidence. And if you don’t have energy, you don’t have the confidence. You’re full of fear and you don’t fool anyone but yourself when you try to pretend otherwise.

HEALTHVIEW:   At some point you became interested in minerals and started balancing your own minerals, didn’t you, Paul? What were the changes as you started doing that?

ECK:   When I started balancing the minerals, it changed my whole life around, because instead of being an introvert I became an extrovert – not a pretence extrovert, but a real extrovert.

There are some people who apparently look tremendously extroverted, but are not really that way at all. They are just doing a good job of covering up their fear, like I used to do.

People used to think I was an extrovert because I was an incessant talker. I learned that if I could talk a lot, no one could get me on the defensive because I was talking.

I was talking fast, talking loud and no one would know I was scared, but you know what my wife used to say? She told me, “Paul, when you’re talking, everything is fine and dandy, but as soon as someone else gets the floor, you start to fall apart, you start to break out into a sweat and start feeling sick, and you want to go home.” She was right.

In the quiet I would start to acknowledge the reality that my life was not really the way I wanted to pretend it was. I didn’t hide in my shell anymore.

I had been in a shell and people could not penetrate it. They realised this so they never even made an attempt. Or, if they would make an attempt, they would make only a half-hearted try and then give up. I was afraid. I was afraid of everything that is important to life – to communicate with people, to love, to be myself. It was impossible for me to enjoy life because I was in fear, and fear was depleting my energy even further.

“I kept telling myself I was just a night person. It was really just an excuse for avoiding people during the day.”

I was afraid to even get up in the mornings. I used to say to myself, “I’m just a night person.” I didn’t want to admit there was anything wrong with me, so I’d justify it by saying, “Well, there are day people and there are night people.” I kept telling myself that “when I’m alone at night, working late, I’m at my most creative.”

Now I can see that for what it really is – a mark of antisocial behaviour caused by fear. By staying up late at night and working when there is no one there with you, sleeping late in the morning and coming back into work late in the day, I was avoiding contact with people who kept “normal” hours.

I was bypassing two or three hours of social contact, and if I wanted to get further away from people, I could always say, “Gosh I’m so tired. I worked until two this morning.” That way I had everyone’s sympathy and yet I didn’t have to deal with those people.

And I never finished a project I started. I always seemed busy because I had so many things going at once. But I never finished anything. Do you know why? Once something is finished, then it has to be judged.

You have to take the responsibility for it and see whether it has value. If a person never finishes a project, it means he doesn’t have to face the possibility of being proven a failure. He doesn’t have to face the possibility of rejection.

“Even women had a different reaction to me after I balanced my minerals.”

HEALTHVIEW:   Did you notice a different reaction from women when you talked to them after your minerals were balanced?

ECK:   Absolutely. I noticed a different reaction from both women and men. I finally got the respect I always wanted. When you are weak you can try to be so considerate of everyone, but no one respects you, because you are weak.

And then you go deeper into a shell. You can’t understand why people are not responding to you when you are being as nice as you can possibly be. But people may never notice that nice person unless he is also a strong person. And it is difficult to be a strong person unless you have energy.

HEALTHVIEW:   Do you notice a different reaction from people you meet casually, like waitresses and waiters in restaurants, since your mineral balance improved?

ECK:   Sure, before no one would talk to me. They would just put the food in front of me, wouldn’t look at me, wouldn’t smile, carry on a conversation or anything. Now, I can hardly stop them from talking to me.

I used to think that the people who worked in restaurants were just cold people. In fact, I used to think everybody in the world was cold. I used to think the whole world was bad and that I was the only good guy in it. The world versus Paul Eck!

Now I know I was creating the world outside of me. How could people respond warmly to me when I wasn’t responding warmly to them?

Thank God that period in my life is behind me. You should see me now! I’m not a frustrated person anymore, because I’m not afraid to be myself. When I see strangers I want to talk to (especially women), I just go up and talk to them.

Never again could anyone catch me thinking, “Boy if only I had enough nerve to talk to that lovely stewardess,” or “Why would she want to talk to me, she doesn’t even know me,” or any one of a bundle of other excuses for avoiding life. Now I just act, instead of planning to act, which is all I did before.

“When people sense you are afraid of them, they can become afraid of you.”

Now I can make other people happy, because I’m not afraid of rejection myself. It’s a funny thing, but when people sense you are afraid of rejection, that’s just what they do – THEY REJECT YOU. It’s the most amazing thing. People don’t really like weak people. Even weak people don’t like other week people. They want to be around strong people.

Well, now I’m strong, and people come to me. I no longer have to fearfully search for people I think I could talk to. People see my smile (it’s a genuine smile now) and they walk over and strike up a conversation. Everywhere I go, I find nice people and nice people find me. My, how the world has changed!

But my greatest happiness these days isn’t how I feel. My greatest happiness is that, through mineral analysis, I have the ability to give this same joy to others. To me, making people happy is more important than just curing diseases.

I now realise that many of the people I see are just like I used to be. They have a lot of deep feelings, but they’re afraid to let them show. They want to make people happy, they want to be loving and they want to be able to relax and be themselves, but they’re scared.

Now, because of mineral analysis, I understand why they are scared. I know they are tired and that they may not even know it. And I know how they can give themselves an energy so great it overcomes all fears.

“To think that my work in mineral analysis can give people this much happiness gives me a joy that never ends.”

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