What is Nutritional Balancing?

September 10th, 2015

“This programme may not appeal initially to the faint hearted – it does require perseverance – but if one acknowledges the deep-seated cries for help from an exhausted body, that perseverance will be highly rewarded.” Ron C. Australia

Today within everyone’s family unit, most of us will be affected by a frightening and debilitating health condition. Despite substantial pharmaceutical investment and claims of drug-based progress, degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the metabolic disorders, diabetes and obesity, and neurological distress including autism and epilepsy are now endemic. Constant low energy, digestive weakness and regular infections are now accepted as normal. The limitations of a drug and surgery based medicine are becoming painfully clear as today, it is rare to die peacefully of old age.

Nutritional Balancing Science, aided by Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, identifies and addresses the real cause of disease: biochemical stress. Stress from diet. Stress from nutritional deficiencies. Stress from toxicity, from attitudes and relationships. Stress has become a lifestyle in itself. Whilst a medical label identifies the geography of these biochemical stresses, over the counter prescriptions will not address their cause. We are not deficient in drugs, we are deficient in nutrients and overflowing with toxicity.

Rather than targeting the symptoms of stress, Nutritional Balancing directly addresses the causes of and physical response to that stress.

Results can be quick, but the real beauty is that
the programme moves far beyond a disease free body.

As nutrients are replenished, toxicities eliminated, and hidden infections resolved, we are powerfully challenged to re-evaluate the beliefs, attitudes and expectations that stand as overwhelming obstacles to our health. Under these conditions, health becomes a vibrant, grounded sense of self, measured not just by biochemical parameters, but by it’s strength of calmness, kindness, compassion and understanding.

Any health programme aiming this high needs to be dynamic and all-encompassing.
Nutritional Balancing is both:

  • Dynamic in that it adapts to the ever changing nutrient needs of a body detoxifying and regenerating.
  • All-encompassing in that its methods address all types of stress, symptom, detoxification and regeneration.

Support is fundamental and for this reason,
full, unlimited guidance is at the core of our service

As you advance through your Nutritional Balancing programme, we will smooth the bumps, soften the corners, steady the downhills and encourage the ups. Parents and children particularly thrive in this process.

To learn more, please browse our website or book a free consultation. Alternatively, to start the journey of a lifetime, order your hair analysis today.