The Programme

UK FLagElla D – United Kingdom

The vast, complex field of health, healing and nutrition can be an overwhelming area to navigate alone – especially when the emphasis is on healing. I had experimented with many approaches to nutrition and health over the years, yet nothing seemed to offer a complete system of healing until I discovered Mineral Rebalancing. Martyn and Heather lovingly and enthusiastically offered me a clear structure for understanding the delicate balance of optimum health; meeting them was like finding my healing guardian angels!

With their knowledge and passion, they were able to connect the dots and re-arrange the pieces of the puzzle, to present a clear picture for the first time in my life – they completely solved it, in all it’s complexity – what an epiphany! From there, knowing I’m in the best possible hands, I’ve embraced a wonderful journey of discovery, transitioning from life-long vegetarianism, developing new eating patterns, mind patterns and cleansing techniques to support my healing process.

I feel incredibly grateful to Martyn and Heather for their generous spirited approach, their amazing presence, our ongoing relationship has spanned many countries and continents. It would have been impossible to do without them methodically mapping everything out very clearly and holding my hand each step of the way.

Martyn and Heather have been there, explaining, advising, clarifying every time I’m unclear or have a wobble – this is far beyond the standard protocol or any other support I’ve experienced – thank you both so much!


Australia FlagNicole L – Australia

The first thing is Phoenix is going AMAZING!!!!! Wow, he has just changed sooooo much, we actually have lightness and lots more laughter in our home now 🙂 sooo happy, so. So Phoenix is just becoming such a pleasure to be around, it’s so nice to see him singing and just happy “being”, playing, he barely would ever just play on his own contently. This is making a huge difference in our home. THANK YOU!! Thank you for all of your support, I really appreciate it, it’s so nice to have support with all of the questions we have, and to not be worried about each chat costing a ton as it has done previously (which we then stress about!!). And I feel that you actually care and are so understanding. On another note while I’m on it, I have not had a 28 day regular period since being on the pill when 17yrs old. And since beginning with the minerals have had them right on time!! I am letting you know this as I think it’s incredible how FAST it has fixed this issue!! Very impressed…


Gibraltar FlagAnna M – Gibraltar

Suffering from extreme ill health but not being able to find a cure or reason, I decided to try to fix myself. I heard about hair tissue mineral analysis and embarked on the toughest but most remarkable journey of my whole life. I feel well and yet vulnerable, strong and yet sensitive to all around me, confident yet scared all at once, the program makes you feel true to yourself, you grow into who you are and get used to it and start to like it. Martyn and Heather literally saved my life and I am eternally grateful for their support and kindness and absolute faith in me and their program.

Go for it whoever is reading, live long and fulfilled and stay true to who you really are.


Thailand FlagTed M – Thailand

I am committed to the Nutritional Balancing programme in part because of the clear and concrete gains in energy and overall well-being. But just as important for me is the fact that this programme is a process of coming to know oneself at an ever deeper level, of uncovering layers. And this is a real treasure. Like any treasure, though, making the effort to reach it requires a lot of learning and a readiness to encounter challenges. This is why it’s so important to have good guides throughout the process.

For me, it’s difficult to imagine any better guides than Martyn and Heather. They are knowledgeable, kind, responsive, and deeply committed to their own ongoing learning as well as to the perfection of their work. I’m profoundly grateful for their companionship and guidance in this programme since I first met them over two years ago.


Australia FlagAlex H – Australia

I hope you guys are great. Im Great! WOW never thought that day would come! Thanks so much for keeping me on track during the darkest time in my life. I was so tempted to chuck it all in as I was completely terrified! But I knew what you were saying was going to work and I understood the reasons, it was just so hard to get through it and trust in my body and the program. But I felt like I was refined by a fire, and feel so good now. My energy is back and I feel strong, but I know that my body could be preparing for another healing session or detoxing, so I am keeping things under control, not overdoing it, doing my daily relaxation and sticking to the program like glue. And Im happy. I feel like I have been raised from the dead to a new life!

I saw my Dr after i had another blood test at the end of january and he was amazed at the results. The T3 is 5 (normal) and the THS is 6.5. Ideally he said it should be 3 – 4 but considering it was at 11 the month before he was very impressed. He was asking alot about the program and particularly pyrolls and copper toxicity. It would be GREAT if he got into it, he could help so many people.

My chiropractor is amazed too and the improvement in the neck since he has been following my progress through these last 2 months. Ive had 4 visits with him and he doesnt want to see me again for another month and then just to do a check up. He said that in motioning the occiput, gliding it both sides was the best he has ever felt in his career!! and he wants to know more about NB and how the chiropractic work can assist with rebalancing the body when detoxing as he was really impressed with what was happening with me.


Malaysia FlagAman G – Malaysia

Nutritional Balancing. What a health care programme. I am so blessed to be on this journey to re claiming my health back. Having suffered from insomnia and adrenal burnout I realise today that there is no quick fix if you truly want to heal the human body at the deepest levels and to come out of burn out.

This programme hasn’t been easy to do for me particularly in the beginning stages as I was exhausted. Lots of help and support is required, I realised to do this programme. Something which I am still lacking and struggling to get today living only with a single mother and my grandparents. However this is a journey and now more than 2 years on the programme it has gotten much easier. Today I am much calmer, much more relaxed, working well, sleeping better and much more objective in life.

I am also very grateful to you Martyn and Heather for helping me right from the beginning until today. You guys have been fantastic practitioners throughout and have helped me tremendously, provided excellent service and support to me throughout this 2 years and continue to do so until today.

I look forward to reclaiming my health back fully and one day becoming a practitioner myself, helping others reclaim their health back through this fantastic health care programme.


UK FLagMay C – United Kingdom

I am a 77 year old woman who feels 21 (no exaggeration there) since becoming part of the program. I’ve recently had an emergency strangulated hernia operation. The surgeon, doctors and nurses were amazed at my recovery by comparison with other women my age or younger.

Don’t expect overnight success, it is a gradual process but definitely more than worth pursuing as the end result is health & fitness. You have to be prepared to help yourself by sticking to the program. No smoking & eating as advised, no cheating. I eat very well & enjoy every meal. The supplements are worth every penny (& more). The help I’ve received from Heather & Martyn is unending. Nothing is too much trouble.


Australia FlagRon C – Australia

I was flabbergasted with my first hair test which said that my cells were highly stressed and deeply exhausted, and that I probably carried a lot of heavy metals. Could it be that bad? Indeed it was. After 6 months on the program, I could barely get out of bed for the heavy, depressive exhaustion that I felt. I figured that I was suffering from mercury poisoning because my third hair test was “off the scale” with heavy metals being eliminated. I was warned that there would be times like this, so it was perversely satisfying to me that I had finally given my body the right conditions under which it could do some long-overdue housekeeping.

I have come out the other side of this major episode, and a couple of smaller ones, and I can feel an inner structure and strength that was not there before. My digestive system is much happier, and I am much more in control of my energy levels. This program may not appeal initially to the faint hearted – it does require perseverance –  but if one acknowledges the deep-seated cries for help from an exhausted body, that perseverance will be highly rewarded. I cannot speak highly enough of the care and attention I have received from Martyn and Heather.


Ireland FlagEoin C – Ireland

I’m Eoin from Ireland. For 7 years I’ve been dealing with leaky gut syndrome and the parasites Blastocystis Hominis and Entamoeba Histolica. For 6 of those years I was chronically unwell with panic attacks, insomnia and exhaustion etc. After 6 years I discovered the NB program. For the past year I have been strictly following the NB diet with daily bone broth included while excluding all grains, potatoes/starches and dairy. I’ve had Coeliac and Lactose intolerances my whole life.

After 9 months on the GB3 enzyme supplement, a loss of skin pigmentation colour on my arms that appeared 7 years previously when my gut first crashed, disappeared. I felt I had more energy and clarity with the enzymes. I am currently intolerant to carrot juice, eggs and sheeps yogurt, but with the enzymes I digest these foods no problem and feel really good after eating them, and it really has made my diet, which was very basic and boring before I discovered NB, into something much more interesting all of a sudden.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally got my enema kit and started daily coffee enemas. That was a game changer for me. Before that I would still have quite a lot of brain fog, often angry thoughts, tiredness and a feeling of hopelessness throughout the day. But now with my morning enema I feel completely clear in my head, have a lot more energy and happiness than before and also for the first time in 7 years, I am having healthy sleeping patterns.

I feel like I can finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am aware that it may take another year or two or possibly even more to fully heal my intestines and digestive system, while I know it may be a while too before I can start introducing some grains, starches and more dairy into my diet, but with each passing month now I am feeling stronger and happier all the time. I would absolutely recommend the NB program to anyone looking to transform their bodies and minds to a much healthier, happier state.


Thailand FlagMichael R – Thailand

Prior to discovering and commencing the Nutritional Balancing (NB) programme with Martyn and Heather I had begun detoxing and was confused as to which supplements and lifestyle choices were assisting me or hindering me.

I have now been on the NB programme for just over 2 years. I must say that I have been repeatedly impressed that the 3 monthly hair tests have identified changes in mineral ratios and balances and the programme has then been able to adjust and retarget the correct supplements to take.

I have made steady, observable progress and amazingly I have not had colds or flu since I commenced. The body certainly feels the movement of long stored toxins but with the infrared saunas and the steadying advice of Heather and Martyn it is frankly a marvellous, effective and scientific process.


Australia FlagJay C – Australia

So 6 months into the N.B program and like the saying goes:

“Will it be easy? Nope!

Will it be worth it? Absolutely!”

After a lifetime of searching for the holy grail of health care due to a chronic state of dis-ease within my body, I am both extremely relieved and grateful that I have come across such a complete and detailed wholesome program which gets right to the bottom of all dis-ease rather than just trying to cure the symptoms.

Life is definitely all about the journey and I am a big believer in everything coming to you at the right time, but if I could give one piece of advice to those who are looking to improve their state of health and wellbeing in any way it would be to not waste one more day on searching for that ever elusive cure to your health problems and to give this program a try. You won’t regret it!