Australia FlagNicole L – Australia

The first thing is Phoenix is going AMAZING!!!!! Wow, he has just changed sooooo much, we actually have lightness and lots more laughter in our home now 🙂 sooo happy, so. So Phoenix is just becoming such a pleasure to be around, it’s so nice to see him singing and just happy “being”, playing, he barely would ever just play on his own contently. This is making a huge difference in our home. THANK YOU!! Thank you for all of your support, I really appreciate it, it’s so nice to have support with all of the questions we have, and to not be worried about each chat costing a ton as it has done previously (which we then stress about!!). And I feel that you actually care and are so understanding. On another note while I’m on it, I have not had a 28 day regular period since being on the pill when 17yrs old. And since beginning with the minerals have had them right on time!! I am letting you know this as I think it’s incredible how FAST it has fixed this issue!! Very impressed…


Thailand FlagShona K – Thailand

You have made a real difference to Ryan’s life, and thereby that of our whole family. His teacher recently wrote the following to us:

“I wanted to let you know that I have been very happy with Ryan’s progress at school recently. He seems a lot more focused and organised. Thank you for the support you are obviously giving him at home, he is consistently getting high marks in his weekly spelling tests and his times-tables are continuing to improve.

The Grade 4 class were given an SRI reading test on Thursday and Ryan made the most significant improvement in the whole class. He went from a lexile 350 in term 1 to a 600 in term 3. Generally the goal is for a student to improve by 70 points throughout a year, so this is a huge jump. I really want to encourage him to keep up the positive attitude, so we can continue to build his self-esteem.”


Australia FlagAlex H – Australia

We’ve stuck to the diet and sauna and vitamins like glue, and the results are amazing. We have a beautifully behaved, calm, lovely boy! I feel like I can say now that any symptoms of ADHD are gone and he is just like a normal kid. He is so chilled out and happy and is very focused on keeping on his diet himself and he knows how much better he feels. He keeps commenting on how good he feels and how much easier it is at school. His teacher says he is a dream and everyone who knows him can’t believe the change in him.