Portugal FlagNiel V – Portugal

I was struck by your presentation, you did it very well. You gave her the hard facts, and your interpretation was thoughtful and with empathy. She has been through a bad patch in the last month or so, and your presentation literally jumped out of the screen and grabbed her. Lights of recognition started to pop in and around her! Now she knows what is the matter with her, and now she knows what she needs to do. This will also enable her to let go. It also give hope and trust, especially for a young adult who has to go and make it in the world, with all its demands.


UK FLagElla D – United Kingdom

The vast, complex field of health, healing and nutrition can be an overwhelming area to navigate alone – especially when the emphasis is on healing. I had experimented with many approaches to nutrition and health over the years, yet nothing seemed to offer a complete system of healing until I discovered Mineral Rebalancing. Martyn and Heather lovingly and enthusiastically offered me a clear structure for understanding the delicate balance of optimum health; meeting them was like finding my healing guardian angels!

With their knowledge and passion, they were able to connect the dots and re-arrange the pieces of the puzzle, to present a clear picture for the first time in my life – they completely solved it, in all it’s complexity – what an epiphany! From there, knowing I’m in the best possible hands, I’ve embraced a wonderful journey of discovery, transitioning from life-long vegetarianism, developing new eating patterns, mind patterns and cleansing techniques to support my healing process.

I feel incredibly grateful to Martyn and Heather for their generous spirited approach, their amazing presence, our ongoing relationship has spanned many countries and continents. It would have been impossible to do without them methodically mapping everything out very clearly and holding my hand each step of the way.

Martyn and Heather have been there, explaining, advising, clarifying every time I’m unclear or have a wobble – this is far beyond the standard protocol or any other support I’ve experienced – thank you both so much!


Thailand FlagMichael R – Thailand

Prior to discovering and commencing the Nutritional Balancing (NB) programme with Martyn and Heather I had begun detoxing and was confused as to which supplements and lifestyle choices were assisting me or hindering me.

I have now been on the NB programme for just over 2 years. I must say that I have been repeatedly impressed that the 3 monthly hair tests have identified changes in mineral ratios and balances and the programme has then been able to adjust and retarget the correct supplements to take.

I have made steady, observable progress and amazingly I have not had colds or flu since I commenced. The body certainly feels the movement of long stored toxins but with the infrared saunas and the steadying advice of Heather and Martyn it is frankly a marvellous, effective and scientific process.